[SOLVED] Crash when creating creating plugin instance on Win / Ableton JUCE 7.0.0

I’m experiencing a weird issue, where I create a plugin instance in Ableton Live and it crashes when creating a new window:

First I hit this assert:

which tells me that a Singleton is being created twice:

Then Live crashes hard here:

I’m a bit puzzled since all of the code in question seems to be purely related to JUCE? Did I stumble upon a bug, or could this be a repercussion of my own malicious deeds?

JUCE version is 7.0.0, plugin wrapper is VST3, I’m using an OpenGL context.

Any help appreciated!

I believe this bug was fixed.
Please test with the develop branch and see whether the issue is still present.

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Hi @reuk and thanks for getting back to me!

I can confirm that the issue is solved on develop. What’s more, it also seems fixed on 7.0.1 so I can resort to a stable version even :slightly_smiling_face: