Crash in Fonts and Text panel of the Juce demo?


I just got the latest tip and I am getting a crash bringing up Fonts and Text. Something to do with the call to getToolTipforRow():

    const String ListBoxRowComponent::getTooltip()
        if (owner.getModel() != 0)
            // unhandled exception at 0x00000000 here
            return owner.getModel()->getTooltipForRow (row); 

        return String::empty;


Does this happen to anyone else?


Nope. I’m doing a new release today so have been testing the demo on lots of platforms. It runs ok for me. There’s a new prebuilt exe on sourceforge now, you could try that…


Okay, this was my fault. I have a patch (for drag and drop with an object of class type with proper lifetime management) that I apply every time I get the latest tip. I link the demo statically, but it was including the amalgamated header file. So the virtual functions didn’t correspond to what was in the lib.

How do I run the amalgamator to recreate juce_amalgamated###.# after applying my patches?