List of changes since Juce 2.0?

After previous releases of Juce, there’s usually been a handy little list on the forum. This describes changes since that release–typically changes in the tip code. I haven’t been able to find such a list for post 2.0. Have I simply missed it?

I’ve been running into serious problems related to text handling in tip code of the last little while. It appears to be related to TextEditor, but I don’t know that for sure. I’ve discovered that simple clicking in an editor–or often simply typing in a character–will cause a crash. This is code that previously ran without difficulty. Before I make myself nuts trying to track it down, it seems prudent to learn if there have been changes in the API that I’ve missed.;a=log



[quote=“Rail Jon Rogut”];a=log


Thanks. I’ve been following those notes all along, but they’re far too sketchy. I was looking for a more specific API-centric version. Jules used to maintain a thread just about that sort of thing.