Crash in VirtualDesktopWatcher

See picture.

Steps to replicate:

  • Load a Standalone plugin via RDP
  • Change desktop scaling in the remote desktop client (I’m using JumpDesktop).
  • Get a crash approximately every other time.
  • JUCE commit e49fb38d44

I’ll take the opportunity to remind that neither VirtualDesktopWatcher, or the timer callback, or the vd API call are necessary for this.

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Can you trigger the issue with software other than JumpDesktop? Microsoft Remote Desktop perhaps?

Also can you trigger the issue with any plugin, e.g. the GainPlugin standalone?

Leave it with me, I’ll get back to you. I can’t trigger it at all this afternoon – wonder if it’s because i’m on the laptop screen instead of the big monitor now.

Thanks, but I think I just managed to trigger it without RDP software, I may be able to look into this after all.

Oh well done - not sure why it’s not working for me now!

Jump is excellent by the way if you are on a Mac RDPing to Windows - solved some problems with using the Windows computer completely headless. :slight_smile:

A fix is now out and is part of the 7.0.7 release.

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