Windows display scaling and Audirvana issue

When activate windows display scaling 125% in the windows display settings
My plugin is not showing correctly in the host Audirvana
Part of the plugin is missing.
this is the AudioPlugin example. (i have just change the “hello word” text))
The host is not showing the complete plugin. area in red is missing…

Anyone know how to solve?

I am on the development branch:
commit e618f68d4dcaed56803e6e4120ea450f15fb5a93 (HEAD)
Author: Tom Poole
Date: Mon May 23 19:19:20 2022 +0100

Update all examples to use Visual Studio 2022 as the default Windows exporter

Nobody knows?

I’m facing a similar issue, see this thread:

Are you using OpenGL?

Any news on this?

I am not using OpenGL
Same problem with windows scaling and my plugin in the host Element Element Modular Plugin Host | VST Plugin Chainer and Effects Rack


I have the same issue with Audirvana and JRiver Media Center. Not using OpenGL. Windows display scaling 125% Juce 6.1.6 VST3 Windows 10 and Windows 11. Here is what my plugin looks like in JRiver when first launched:

If I click on any of the check boxes in the left hand pane and then come back and click on HLConvolver, it now shows up correctly:

Also happens with 4K monitors.
I tried
void setScaleFactor(float) override { }
Which worked, and looks OK at 125% and 150% scaling, but on a 4K monitor looks like this: