Crash loading PNG

Just updated from 1.46 to the latest juce … I have this problem trying to load pngs:

var::var (const var& valueToCopy) : type (valueToCopy.type) { type->createCopy (value, valueToCopy.value); // crashes here }


this juce::var * const 0x23fd58
valueToCopy Error: Unable to create variable object <-- bug in gdb ?


Thread [1] 0 (Suspended : Signal)
juce::var::var() at juce_amalgamated.cpp:4,309
juce::NamedValueSet::NamedValue::NamedValue() at juce_amalgamated.cpp:4,499
juce::NamedValueSet::set() at juce_amalgamated.cpp:4,590
juce::PNGImageFormat::decodeImage() at juce_amalgamated.cpp:237,416
juce::ImageFileFormat::loadFrom() at juce_amalgamated.cpp:96,105
juce::ImageFileFormat::loadFrom() at juce_amalgamated.cpp:96,117
__static_initialization_and_destruction_0() at \UI\Panels\FileBrowser\BoxModel.cpp:5
global constructors keyed to _ZN8BoxModel7boxItemE() at \UI\Panels\FileBrowser\BoxModel.cpp:76
__do_global_ctors() at 0x5dbf82
__mingw_CRTStartup() at 0x4010ba
mainCRTStartup() at 0x401178

Using gcc 4.5.0 and gdb 7.2.

Seemed to be some bewildering static initialization problem, otherwise false alarm I think.