Crash Reporter?


Hi guys,

Does anyone here have any experience with (3rd party) crash reporters? The kind that pops up if your app crashes and asks the user to send in the crash-log and system configuration.

We would like to implement such a system and we found some frameworks that can do it:

Cross-platform Framework used by Firefox:

Windows Framework:

OSX Frameworks: (simple and good documentation) (old) (vague)

Jules, perhaps you can find any satisfaction in implementing a cross platform crash reporter in JUCE? :wink:


well what do ya know, i was looking at the same thing today. so far i was wondering about how JUCE_CATCH_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTIONS works. But the whole C++ exception handling on win32 with Visual is very complex. A cross platform thinggy would be nice.


I currently use, ILCrashReporter, it can be found here, There are many free and open source crash reporter currently available, Am not very sure if it’s worth the effort creating another one using juce.