Crash reporting with JUCE (HockeyApp or similar)

I’m just in the middle of converting one of our desktop apps from Mac only (Obj-C) to C++.
So far I used the free HockeyApp to track all crash reports which worked great!

As I have a fully working Obj-C UI, I will keep an Obj-C core so I could continue to use their native SDK on the Mac. However, I want to go entirely down the JUCE route on Windows.
Unfortunately Hockey doesn’t provide a C++ SDK but only a C# SDK for Windows…

So it looks like I need to find another solution.
I had a brief look at Google’s break pad and it looks like you need to do everything yourself which looks like a lot of work!

What systems are others using?

I only need crash reporting and symbolication. User feedback would be great but is not a necessity.

Thanks in advance!