Create a vectorscope for Stereo Image like in Izotope Ozone


I am getting accustomed to JUCE and learning quiet a bit. I was wondering if there is any way I can take an Audio Channel, and vectorscoping its width so to speak (and then repeating that with the other stereo channel).

So I am able to visualize if say a signal or part of it is 50L or 25L or 0 or 25R or 50R and so on.

Basically I would like to visualize things like the vectorscope in Ozone:

I am unable to find which functions etc I should look into for this. If you could direct me to the general direction I should look into, or if you know any specifics, that will be helpful and I can then do my own research :slight_smile:

The easiest method is to convert the signal into Mid/Side and map mid to the Y axis and side to the X axis. This will already give you the Lissajous mode.

For polar sample you would create bins for each angle using atan and use the maximum and reset it after some timeout.

And for polar level you convert the length of the vector to level using Decibels::levelFromGain I suppose.

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