Creating a framework for iOS

It looks I need to convert a dynamic library project to a “framework” for iOS. Is there a way to export a framework directly from Projucer or do I have to set this up manually?

Looks like the way to go is to create the dynamic library project with JUCE and then drag the generate Xcode project as a subproject in an Xcode-generated “Cocoa Framework” project.

…which is itself a subproject of my main project.

FWIW I’m going back to a static library for this (much less headaches!), until I work out how to do this properly. Apparently iOS apps don’t like frameworks within frameworks, which I assume also applies to dynamic libraries within frameworks (???).

So the next logical step is to convert the Producer-generated Dynamic Library Xcode project into a “Cocoa Touch Framework”. I’m wondering about creating a script to set this up automagically.

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