Creating arrays of sliders in old Jucer?

Hi all,

I am working with the old Jucer, and getting a GUI I like. The issue I am having is that my code works with arrays of sliders - in other words, my pre-existing Juce editor addresses each slider as mySlider[0], mySlider[1], etc. I would like to use these names in the Jucer, but it won’t seem to allow me to do this - the sliders get renamed mySlider0, mySlider1, etc. A little bit of find/replace will fix this for my production code, but I would like to be able to bring things back into the Jucer for editing without breaking things. Any solutions come to mind?


Sean Costello

whenever i wanted to pack my jucer components into arrays, i wrote some wrapper functions to do that


Array <Slider*> getAllSliders (Component *parentComponent);

it iterates or child component of the parentComponent, checks witch one is a slider, if it is adds it to an array and returns this array. One call and can be reused for later.

That’s a nice idea. So you can run it in the constructor and keep it around? You could probably also find by name, since the order could be fairly random, although at some point you might as well search child components as you need something.


I used that for quick access (bulk changes of look and feel for skins). Since i have loads of those components, i try to keep them in a hash table (i used gthash but now i’m using STL maps). I access them by name or by some other property i need (for me it’s midi message types and names, so i have to maps).