Nice idea

I’m using a lot the jucer now, it’s very very handy, and saves you centuries when dealing with component positioning and setup.

Now that i’ve added something like 50 Sliders and 20 other controls i’m about changing the Slider class to my own derived one (that basically have a specialized popup menu, paints and behaves little differently than default one).
i don’t want to loose the capability to position and set the default slider values in juce (by replacing them with a GenericComponent), but i would like to keep them as Slider:

would be possible to add a property, that changes the class name for the constructor (and only for that) of a component ? this way you can add a slider in jucer, but let it be constructed in cpp like your own derived one…

make a manually replace of 50 slider constructor every time i reexport the jucer file is a pain (cause i have to replace constructor, but not default Slider::XXXHorizontal enums that are used the same on my derived slider)…

hope i’ve explained well the idea… :slight_smile:

Hmm - that is a pretty good idea, actually. I’ll make a note of it. Ta.

thanx ! those kind of things on jucer will make everyone’s life easier !
anyway i’ll try to patch it myself and send you the patched files.
Ta too…