Cross platform dev: Git or network?

I am curious what the more experienced developers prefer for working on at least two platforms (Win and OSX):

Do you prefer to use Git (in the cloud) to check files in/out - or do you prefer a network share for your sources?

I currently use a Microsoft Foundation Server account to keep my commits in the cloud. I recently bought a MacBook Pro and want to start to work on my plugin on that as well.


I am using GIT hosted on my own Synology NAS. It uses DynDNS to make it accessible on the internet. The NAS is a nice low cost solution for cloud storage.


After posting I realized that using a network share makes no sense: you wind up with all kinds of OS specific binaries on the share...

Pity I can't delete posts ;-)

I'm still a Subversion kinda guy, haven't taken that leap of faith to GIT yet. For me GIT is overly complicated for simple projects, not too many developers. For the Linux Kernel otoh, there is no other way than GIT.

I agree, but as freelance interaction designer / front-end developer I have been forced to use Git during the last years ;-) Using TortoiseGit on my laptop (also nice to refresh Juce each day!).

I use GitHub for Windows which hides all the complexity away. Very easy to keep up to date with JUCE and to sync my own code to a private repo.

Github for my cross platform projects. I run git from the command line in OSX, Windows and Linux. You have to pay to house closed source projects on github afaik?.

I've been using bitbucket for my closed source projects. I believe you can host up to 5 projects with the free access. 

Yes, you have to pay for closed source on GitHub. But USD$7/month is a bargain as far as I'm concerned.

I use GitHub for my own stuff - my son uses BitBucket for his own projects (free Unlimited private repos for up to 5 users).

Both services are excellent!

We both use git - with SourceTree as the (free) front-end, which is a simply tremendous user interface.

We do all this on Mac - and the good news is that it turns-out that SourceTree is also available for Windows!