Cross-platform user directories?

Hi all,

I’m working on preset code, and trying to figure out where my presets are stored. For the Mac, I am using

/Library/Audio/Presets/myCompanyName/mySpecificPlugin (for “factory” presets)
~/Library/Audio/Presets/myCompanyName/mySpecificPlugin (for user presets)

These folders are commonly used for Audio Unit preset files (*.aupreset), but I figure that I can use the folders for my own preset format as well.

Are there any good equivalents in Windows? Also, any automagic way of finding these directories using Juce? I am using ApplicationProperties in my plugin, which is useful for setting up authorization and such, but the directories pointed to by ApplicationProperties don’t seem like the proper place to shove a bunch of preset files.


Sean Costello

Have a look at juce::File::getSpecialLocation()

That looks just about right. Thanks!