Finding location of the plugin's dll file

I am officially in a ‘dense’ mood.

From my plugin I can use File::getCurrentApplicationFile() to find the location of the host application, but how do I get just the file of the plugin itself, so that i can store the plugin’s settings file as a sibling, without having to actually search for it?

I think I should get some more sleep, as I’m not sure how I can miss this one…

Yes, listen to valley here - he speaks the truth.

Never ever store settings with the exe, that’s so “last-century”. Always use SystemStats::getUserApplicationDataDirectory() to find a good place to put them.

i’d like to do it that way, really i would! i’m just making excuses for myself because receptor doesn’t recall those files from those locations.

plus it’s confusing for users who want to get rid of my plugins as per my points above…

but yes, you’ve made it so easy to do it this way, i definitely do it like that first all the time!