Cubase 10 Mac OSX

I have one Juce plugin, that works on the new Cubase 10 and another that is not showing up at all?

Any ideas where to start?

you can test your plugin with pluginval :


I used that, and said it all passed. Could it be the plugin code?

It is scanned during start up, however it’s not recognized. It’s only this daw. I don’t have the new mac version or cubase 10.

Long shot, but: maybe double-check that your “missing” plugin and Cubase 10 are both 64-bit (or both 32-bit if Cubase 10 still supports that)?

be sure to not only test your release build with a release build of pluginVal.
rather debug you plugin with it, so that you can get the assertions being triggered.

also, it’s unlikely that this is your case, but be sure that the name of the package (Plugin.vst) does match exactly (case sensitive) the name of the executable (Plugin.vst/Contents/MacOS/Plugin)
I had a plugin not showing up in cubase10 because of that.