Cubase - Mac - window to front


when the Plugin Window is behind the Arrangement-Window, it doesn’t comes to the front when you clicking inside it. The only way to do it, is to click on the title bar. Did anyone found a solution for this issue?


I think you’ll need to play around with

Hoping this helps!


Hi Pete,

I just tried it, but it doesn’t work.
The plugin-window is controlled by the host, and even if it works, thats not the expected behavior i would like to have. (theres a always on the top setting in cubase for plugin-windows anyway) I tried ppmulator, its the same issue, so i think its a generally problem with all juce plugins in cubase (mac).

In Cubase(win) it works like expected.


I’ve experienced the same problem… no news on this subject jules?

Are you using the cocoa code or the old 1.46 stuff?

It’s the old stuff… I tried with the cocoa code and it works with it.
Isn’t there any “quick and dirty” patch for making the old stuff work anyway? It’s for a minor bugfix in our product, and I fear it could be risky to switch to cocoa now for such a small issue…