VSTPlugin (mac) toFront() doesn't always work

I just noticed another odd ‘window ordering’ behavior on the mac, using a juce-created vstplugin window (that I can now see-thanks Jules) - the problem is that the pluginwindow’s tofront() call doesn’t always work. It is ok the first time you call it, the editor appears and is brought to the front. But if you continue to open plugin windows, and then go back to one that is partially hidden behind the plugin host and double-click its filter component it will unfortunately NOT be brought to the front. The funny thing is when I set a breakpoint on the toFront() calls used by FilterComponent then the breakpoint will trigger, the xcode debugger appears, I step over the toFront() call, then tell the debugger to keep running - the plugin window pops onto the front after resuming from the debugger. Weird. But it’s a pretty big usability problem.

I know I’m pushing my luck here but Juuullless…Wanna see if you can solve this one too? I think that’s about it though…As far as I can tell I’m good to go after this!

No surprises that that doesn’t work! You can’t expect that kind of control over a plugin’s window, I’m afraid - it’s the host’s job to manage window order, not the plugin’s. The way that plugins get displayed may involve all kinds of complicated and precarious floating/hidden window group arrangements (or no window at all), so it’s just not something you should attempt to do manually.

Ok…but let’s say the plugin host is front and center, and two plugin gui’s are underneath but their bottom edges are peeking out…If I’m on stage, and I double-click a filter in the graph, the code is creating or finding the plugin window, then calling toFront() on it…On the pc the plugin window pops to the front, I can quickly tweak the plugin and get back to playing…on the mac double-clicking the plugin after it’s been opened does nothing. I have to minimize or find the plugin window to edit, (and it may be hidden under another plugin window too), and thus in an on-stage environment I’m having to mouse around and the audience is getting irritated…

So, I guess I could tell the users to always close their plugin gui’s after using them so that they will pop to the front when you double-click the graph…Any way 'ya slice it the pc works as-expected and the mac doesn’t…suggestions?


Sorry, maybe I misread your post - I thought you meant this was a plugin client issue, not a host issue. The windowing situation with hosted plugins on the mac is a nightmare of window groups, and the behaviour of window groups even keeps changing in successive OS releases, so it’s hard to get right.