CurrentPositionInfo isPlaying always returns false AAX

Hi all,

I’ve recently run into an issue where the AudioPlayHead CurrentStructInfo isPlaying has stopped noticing whether or not Pro Tools is playing - has anyone else noticed this? Forgive me for not remembering, but I believe this may have happened when I updated to the most recent version of Juce.


Just checked this with the JUCE audio plugin demo and ProTools 12.5 and everything seems to work fine. Could this be an issue with your code? Can you produce this problem with the JUCE audio plugin demo? Also note, that ProTools (along with many other DAWs) will stop updating the play head if there is no audio going through the plug-in - for example - if you have nothing on your timeline and your plug-in is not a synth.

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I’m sorry for the delay in responding to this - it’s nothing on your end! I forgot that the process block doesn’t always get called, depending on what is happening in the DAW and on that channel! Sorry for the inadvertent alarm and thanks!