Custom font issue: different createSystemTypefaceFor() behaviour on windows and mac

Hi there,

I have a little custom font issue:
I have added a font (Nunito, free google font) to the BinaryData of my project. In my LookAndFeel constructor I have added:

nunitoRegular = Typeface::createSystemTypefaceFor (BinaryData::NunitoRegular_ttf, BinaryData::NunitoRegular_ttfSize);

DBG ("name: " << nunitoRegular->getName() << " style: " << nunitoRegular->getStyle());

On macOS I get: name: Nunito style: Regular
On windows: name: Nunito Regular style:

Problem is: when I want to use that typeface like this:
Font font = Font ("Nunito", "Regular", size);
This works perfectly fine on macOS but not on windows, as there’s no “Nunito” but a “Nunito Regular”

Is there anything I can do about that? Do I have to create the Font with my Typeface::Ptr nunitoRegular?