Custom Installer, my own solution

For, I created my own custom installer, and was wondering if people would like to check its source-code. If so, please, say so, and I will arrange something up so you guys can also re-use it. :slight_smile:

I created two versions, on Windows and MAC OSX. One is a Shared installer, that will place shared files that all my products uses. Such as SoundSets, extra VST Plugins to be used as Effects, Presets for each product and other shared stuff. The other installer will install the Plugins, with the selection of which ones you want to install: VST, VST3 and AU (on OSX). 32 bits and 64 bits.

The nice thing is that I also created some scripts and a PACKAGER application that runs on my LINUX server (CentOS). So I create all install packages directly on the server, without having to upload larger files again. Specially the Sounds file which is 16 Gig.

The PACKAGER will create a .wusikpackage file that can be attached to the EXE or on OSX, into the Resources folder, and have a single file install. Since Windows has a limit of 3.8 Gig on EXE files, even on 64 bits, you can also place the package file next to the installer EXE and ZIP both.

Cheers, WilliamK

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Not on Github then? :smiley:

Does this deal with uninstall from “Add/Remove Programs” on Windows?
And does it create receipts on macOS?

There is no uninstall on the exe I tried.
All the plugins go into the same directory it seems, not defaulting to Steinberg/vstplugins, and completely ignoring the (x86) thing.
Plus the old unknown installer Windows errors.
Apart from that, everything seems good. It’s nice and fast at installing a massive file.