OSX Plugin Installer fails (includes open-source code)

Guys, I created a complete installer for my plugins at Wusik.com, and it works great on Windows. But on OSX Sierra, on some machines, the installer won’t read files in the selected user folder, and I have no clue on why.

The installer is open-source, so if someone could take a look at it and give me an idea on where to fix this…


Or another question would be, on OSX, how do I ask the user password to be able to see all files in the computer? Or it doesn’t work like that?

Keep in mind that I’m an OSX newbie…


Best Regards, WilliamK

Could the files be embedded as binary files or added as bundle resource files so they are contained within the bundle?

Humm, it could work, but still, there are a heck lot of files. Specially for the first install. Another option, I guess, would be a zipped file that Juce unzips? Not sure. I just don’t get why on Windows it works so great, and on my MAC OSX Sierra it also works great. But on some machines it just won’t take the install folder, it won’t find it, even if you browse to it at the first window. :frowning:


Yeah it didn’t work on my machine if I get a moment I’ll try debugging, but to be honest I don’t think it’s the most pleasant experience having the separate files laid out like that. For mac normally you would have such files in the bundles resource directory, that way it’s all self contained, the whole thing wouldn’t be any different in size and instead of looking in a folder next to the app it would just look for a folder inside the apps bundle, it’s just a different location.

Have you considered using Packages (http://s.sudre.free.fr/Software/Packages/about.html) for mac installers? it’s very easy to create installers with.

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I agree with @Anthony_Nicholls…Packages makes it pretty simple.

It’s actually not at all painful to create flat packages with the operating system tools. Possibly easier than Packages in the long term if you’re going to be doing lots of products. Run man pkgbuild from the command line to get the instructions.

I decided to create a new installer, using the BinaryData option from Projucer. I just hacked the Projucer code to be able to get a better list of the imported-into-binary files. :wink: This way I get a single file installer on both OSX and Windows.

Still, thank you guys for the suggestions.

Best Regards, WilliamK

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