Recommended installer for plugin?

What is the recommended installer application people use for the browser plugin? Similarly is there a favorite installer application for a juce application itself? I agree that there is nothing specific to a juce application to require an installer targeted at it, but just want to know folks’ experiences with different installers.

In particular, I want to use an installer that can work for both Windows and Mac, applications and plugins!

I use iceberg for making installers on mac, and I have a installer script for pc.

Don’t think there can be a single installer for mac and pc, or else you will have to create a make file for mac and pc.

Hi, vishvesh
I use Mac packager for mac installer, and DMG for package it.
I want to find a crossPlatform installer for both mac and pc.



Hope this will help you.

The current MonoBundle installer for Linux is done using BitRock

Hmm. As one needs to make two installers anyway: Is there a reason not to write an installer in Juce? Of course mot of the internals would be platform specific, but at least the UI would be consistent with the application.

I’m looking at two Internet activation packages: MindVision and Software DNA. The Vise installer from MindVision is >$2k a year for both PCs and Macs, but the MindVision SDK for Internet activation is available for free from Digital River through Esellerate, which charges a 12% per sale commission instead. Software DNA from Softworkz is about a dollar per license and doesn’t appear to have but provides vendor independence, for example Paypal or Kagi are possible. Softworkz also recommended encryption with ASProtect or Themida, which I guess is another topic.


See this longish thread on the subject of installers …

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