File Permission on Mac

Does anybody have an idea how to allow juice’s unzip class to Gian permission to Library\Audio\Plug-Ins\VST folder?

or prompt a user for their password for the “App”?

2nd reply here looks like what you’re after. There are a few other threads about elevated permissions as well that may also prove useful.

Just in case your goal is build an installer with JUCE – unzipping payload into the plugin directory just sounds exactly like that – I’d advise you to also have a look at packages if you didn’t know it. It’s a tool that allows you to build macOS installers very easily, there is also an official JUCE tutorial on it JUCE: Tutorial: Package your app or plugin for distribution

If you are trying to do something different feel free to ignore my comment :wink:

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imho it’s worth spending a day getting to grips with building installers for macOS using the built in tools (that Packages is more or less just a wrapper around). I spent almost as long getting to grips with Packages as I did understanding the native command line tools.
The Surge VST repo is a good place to learn how they work by example.



After a glorious journey of creating my own installer.
Using Zip Class, Gzip class, using Gin module on git hub to create a script and run it with permissions, aswell as attempting accessing Apples C code directly. Creating a package file is the only solution. The others do not successfully recreate complex files.

I stood my ground against the tech overlord apple for a week. Then sadly, calamity struck. I was brought to me knees by the notarization. Apples forces were to vast, armies of binaries as far as the eye could see. My only regret is I couldn’t share Valhalla with you all.

Except g module was a dope library, but that was limited from unzipping plugins.

AAX remains unable to be notorized and signed by eden meaning it cannot be in an installer and the installer be notorized.

I guess I’m leaving aax out of my Mac installers. Which is what got me the create my own installer kick.

I hope you find peace in this digital frontier…

Hand out stretched…
*whispers “remember… remember…”