Custom mouse cursor flashing


When I create my own cursor using 32-bit + alpha PNG image (BlackNWhite) and then activate it in my app via setMouseCursor(), it sometimes flash around the current position before change happen, i.e. it can very fast show up in wrong coordinates, but then everything is ok. Not a big deal, but strange issue anyway. Reproduces only with custom images. Am I doing something wrong here?


no, there’s nothing you could be doing wrong… I’ve seen that kind of thing when running in a VM, but not at other times. You don’t actually say which OS you’re talking about, though…


I use Windows XP. Btw, I found that the dragging hand cursor is created internally in Juce using array of image data and it doesn’t such flashing. What image format this data represents? Probably I can avoid flashing by using the same image format.


The internal ones use GIF, but it seems bizarre that it would make any difference…