Custom new plugin projects in Projucer?

What are the best approaches to adding a custom new plugin project template to the Projucer?

When creating new plugin projects I need to configure the basic plugin project created by the Projucer quite heavily to get new plugins to build. For example, using C++17, manufacturer code, adding a custom include paths, linking to custom libraries etc. Time wise it all adds up and is error prone.

Is there a standard way to achieve this or is modifying the Projucer code the only way?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Probably easier than messing with Projucer code would be to have a “template” project and some scripts to alter them accordingly. It’s fairly easy (I used BASH and sed) with not many gotchas, the only thing worth adding is that although all the IDs don’t need to be unique for every project, trying to open more than one of these template derived .jucer files at the same time will confuse the Projucer due to the clashing IDs.

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I’d also use this approach, make a basic template project with the layout/settings you need and edit the parameters as needed.

The projucer project files are just XML so would be fairly trivial to use a find-and-replace to change project name, pugin code, version, etc.

Another approach would be to write your own abstract base class. That also has the advantage that if you change something it will affect all projects without having to edit each one.