Noob question: Is that ok to use a template project and duplicate it?

hi, i know this question is related to dev process but i am in doubt, please accept my apologize if i am wrong here:

i got a good startup project, works fine, builds fine,anything is ok.
i want to re-use this as a base for my next project, i just need to copy it again and again for any new project… this way, i am not using the projucer anymore to create a new plugin.

is that something correct ? thanks for your answer

I would not recommend that workflow. JUCE is designed in a way that you should always set all settings in the Projucer or through the new JUCE 6 CMake functionality.

This means if you chose to use the Projucer and not CMake: Always manage all your projects through the Projucer. Add source files, adjust settings, add Binary Data etc in the Projucer and re-generate your project after each adjustment, never change settings e.g. in Visual Studio or Xcode directly.

Beneath losing the ability to simply create a build for other operating systems, you might e.g. have a hard time adjusting the plugin code etc. correctly through your IDE and working with BinaryData will be difficult as well.

However, you can of course store a default jucer file with all settings you want to re-use and modify that default jucer file for each project.

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sounds more than acceptable :slight_smile: ok… go for the Jucer template.
Can i put this template into the exemple folder ? to access it from projucer… or just open it from its location ?

Afaik juce defines no folder for template projects or something like that. What I would do is to generate the project with all settings (maybe also with some boilerplate code added to the basic source files if you want to) and store that default projects jucer and source file folder, the other files will be re-generated anyway.

To create a new project, simply duplicate that default project folder, rename the jucer file in it and then open it in the Projucer

If you copy a plugin project, be sure to vary the plugin code. Otherwise most DAWs will see all your plugins as the same one. I.e. you can only see the last one created, or a random one.

The hints mentioned above apply: You might miss updates of the boilerplate, but that’s up to you.

The templates are programmatically generated (there is some search/replace work going on behind the scenes). You can find the code in extras/Projucer, if you are into hacking it.