Custom OSX Framework and relative path in custom juce module

I’m have created a juce_sharedtexture module that right now only supports Spout on Windows.
I’m looking to implement Syphon on Mac, but the library is a .framework format.
I have tried adding that to OSXFrameworks, WeakOSXFrameworks, adding searchpaths, etc. but it seems that there is no good way to link to custom framework contained in the module folder the same way it’s possible for static libraries ( libs/{OS}/{arch})

Am i doing something wrong or is it something to change in the Projucer ?

Thank you

Ended up making a PR :
Add support for EmbeddedFrameworks in custom juce modules by benkuper · Pull Request #1227 · juce-framework/JUCE (

I hope it won’t end up lost like my other ones…