Using External Frameworks Within JUCE

I have an external framework installed that i would like to use in JUCE instead of xcode. i understand that changes in xcode doesnt affect JUCE but works the other way. so i was wondering if theres a way to use frameworks inside of JUCE

Your comment seems a bit confused, Xcode is an IDE, JUCE is a framework. You would use both JUCE & the other library inside of Xcode on Mac.

You can certainly use external libraries alongside JUCE as long as their functionalities do not clash. Simpler libraries which are meant for specific purposes will be much easier to use in conjunction with JUCE than a large framework meant for full application development akin to JUCE.

You’ll need to link to the library. The way to do this depends on how the library is packaged for use. If it is simply a bundle of source files. You can easily just add it to your project within the projucer.

If the library is a static pre-compiled library. You will likely need to include a set of header files into your application which give you the interface for using the library, and then set the paths to the framework inside of projucer to instruct your IDE to link to the external library. This is typically done in the “Extra Library Search Paths” section of the projucer, where you will supply the relative path to the pre-compiled library. This will automatically populate the data in Xcode required to link to the library.


thanks for your input! That would be the main query i guess. I have all the extra framework/library paths set and i have the array of header files in their subsequent folders inside my prodjucer project. i’m still quite new to this so my knowledge is a bit shakey. from my understanding you would use the #include function to link the parts of the framework you desire to the pluginprocessor.cpp file. however the said framework requires all parts (from what i can tell) to compile.

I was going to use certain algorithms from the framework and add function i.e If the algorithm detects X then do Y

Link to the framework: