Custom scrollbars in Viewport

Is there a way to make the Viewport class use custom scrollbars?
The reason I’m asking this is because I’d like to use customized scrollbars in order to achieve a nice transparency effect.
So normally these scrollbars would have a 0.1 alpha value and, when the user moves the mouse inside them, the alpha would become 0.5.
In terms of pseudocode, the custom scrollbars would have:

[code]CustomScrollBar::mouseEnter(const MouseEvent& e)
//set alpha to 0.5;

CustomScrollBar::mouseExit(const MouseEvent& e)
//set alpha back to 0.1;

Jules, I know you are super-busy and you don’t want to let your classes explode by adding lots of methods, but could you consider the idea of adding an overridable method to create the scrollbars? Or maybe adding something to the look and feel class?
Or, even better, what about adding a couple of callbacks to the ScrollBar::Listener class? One on mouseEnter and one on mouseExit?

I think the best way to do that kind of thing would be by using a custom lookandfeel to draw your scrollbars, wouldn’t it?

Great! It worked perfectly. So many years spent with juce and I still forget the basics :smiley:
Another question: is there a way to get a pointer to the Viewport used by the FileBrowserComponent?

Nevermind, I got it 8)