Making scrollbar background transparent?

I have a couple of ViewPorts with dynamically changing content and there is always a ScrollBar visible somewhere.
Showing the scrollbar is fine, but in this case it’s obscuring the underlying view a bit. Other than changing the size I also
wish to make the ScrollBar background slightly transparent, but for my life I can’t figure out how!? It would appear
the scrollbar in a viewport is overlaid on a white background so it can never be transparent as such.
Also I don’t want the button to be transparent, only the background ,so chaging the opacity for the whole
scrollbar is not what I’m looking for.

Anyone know how to do this?

You’d need to create a custom lookandfeel for it.

Actually, it would seem that’s not enough. The ViewPort places the Content Component beside the scrollbars, not under it, so there is currently no way to make them blend into each other…or I could have read the code wrong?

Ah yes, maybe. In that case, not sure what to suggest, it’d require some significant changes.

Maybe we’ll just scroll some other way. Thanks anyway!