Custom UI for bluetooth MIDI on android

Since the low level android refactor, my react native UI for bluetooth pairing doesn’t work.
I’m calling JuceMidiSupport.getAndroidBluetoothManager(activity.getApplicationContext()); but the static instance of JuceMidiSupport is different to the one that the JNI uses.
This means that there are two instances of the bluetooth manager and adding new MIDI devices aren’t picked up by the instance that Juce uses when calling MidiInput::getDevices().
How can I access the Juce instance?
@adamski @fabian maybe you’d know what’s going on here?

I’m using Juce as a shared library and importing into a React Native android project.


Sorry @robclouth without digging I don’t know what might be going on there… @fabian, @lukasz.k or @ed95 might have a better idea though.

Hey! Finally I just did it all in C++.
Thanks anyway!

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