Support for Bluetooth Classic on Android?

Has anyone managed to get Bluetooth working in JUCE on Android?

Right now, I'm trying to write a simple app that reads from a connected Bluetooth Classic device. Right now the device is using the Serial Port Profile, but it can in general use any profile.

However, I'm not sure exactly to do this - is there a way to hook into Bluetooth using the NDK? If not, and if I go write some custom Java code, is there a way to write C++ wrappers around that so that JUCE can plug into it (the "JNI")?

I don't know anything about bluetooth, I'm afraid. There's a ton of JNI wrapper macros and classes that I use internally, and it does all work, but it's not for the faint-hearted!


Yes, i have BT for Juce. I was planning to donate the code. Also code for Windows.


Ah, well I'm glad to see someone managed to get it to work!

Any chance I could poke you into at least donating the basic elements now? :)

It would be much appreciated if you could at least explain the basic approach you used to set everything up! Android is still all kind of mystical voodoo black magic to me.



ok, i'll try to sort something out. my code is quite different from the stock Juce release, so its a bit involved.



not forgotten this. hope to sort it soon...


Thank you - would much appreciate it!!

I'm also in need of BT for Android and iOS in the very near future. Any updates here ?

Me too!

It's very much on our roadmap!

Any chance to see bluetooth (LE) support in Juce 3 ? or would it be in Juce 4 ?