CustomControllerSurface API


I was curious if Waveform was ever going to allow outside devs create these (loading internally)?

I have written quite a few controller implementations for the Bitwig Controller API (Helped with Push and wrote Maschine Studio/MKII,MikroII scripts).

Naively asking after reading the source, is this something that can then be used with mobile/desktop in an engine app as is?


I’m not quite sure what you mean?
You can create your own MIDI controller (based on custom CC messages in Waveform and the Engine) already.

And now the code is open source you could create your own subclass if you need something specific?

I would warn that the control surface code is some of the oldest in the codebase and because it supports a lot of 3rd party devices we no longer physically have we don’t refactor it. It certainly wouldn’t be written like that today…


No, the question was more conceptual.

That answered my question actually.

Put another way, I was asking if the code was relevant, and it is not.


FYI, I don’t have Waveform so maybe my questions are a bit off but I am trying to get an overview of everything that pertains to implementation not dealing with Waveform(code we use) and that bit of code confused me.


I would definitely grab Waveform as it has a feature for everything in the Engine and might help give an idea of how the classes map on to end-user features?


Yes, actually I was planning on doing this but just wanted to be more versed in the Tracktion API before I used my demo time.

EDIT: Even better, downloaded the user guide with pictures. :slight_smile: hehe