Using midi CC to control tracktion engine app

I would like to control my traction engine app using midi CC coming from a midi controller. I have several screens and would like for these screens to essentially listen for CC events (ie screen 1 listens for midi CC 1 and does something when that occurs, screen 2 also listens for midi CC1 and does something else relevant to screen 2 etc…)

I saw the control surface code in the engine, and that seems like essentially what I would need (I would just need a hardcoded mapping really, no need for the ability to provide a custom mapping). However I see that Dave mentioned in this post that that code is some of the oldest code in the engine. Is there a better way of doing this rather than relying on this older code?

The problem with the ExternalController/ControlSurface code is that there are a set of hard-coded actions you can perform so it isn’t really easily extensible.

The easiest thing for you might be to simply open the juce::MidiInput and listen to messages?

Either that or you might want to create a ControlSurface and override the acceptMidiMessage method to simply do your own delegation of controls rather than trying to use the fixed actions of the ExternalController/ControlSurface classes?

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Alright thank you Dave I will give those a try and see where that gets me