DaVinci Resolve 12 has problems with JUCE plugins (or vice versa)

DaVinci Resolve is one of the most popular colour correction tools for video and it gets more and more serious about non-linear editing too. Its price is free if you work with footage < 4K. Probably grows to be a strong contender to Final Cut Pro, Premiere etc.


The recently released version 12 now supports audio plugins. VST and AU.
Plugins can be assigned to clips and to tracks. Page 481 of the user manual describes how to open a plugin editor.

But it does not work nicely with Juce. The Juce Demo Plugin freezes the whole host if you open the plugins editor.

  1. Move the Juce Demo Plugin from ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ (DaVinci Resolve seems to only check the global folder)
  2. Create a project in DaVinci Resolve and add the Juce Demo Plugin to e.g. the master audio track.
  3. The processing of the plugin works and you can change the plugin parameters from within DaVinci Resolve.
  4. Open the editor of the Juce Demo Plugin.
  5. The first time it can happen that an empty user interface (correct dimensions but plain empty) gets displayed.
  6. But after saving the project and restarting DaVinci Resolve, the attempt to open the editor of the Juce Demo Plugin will freeze DaVinci Resolve.

At step 6 the debugger (XCode) gets immediately detached by DaVinci Resolve which leaves me quite cueless about this issue. Does anyone have an idea on how to investigate further in such a scenario?

This might probably be something for Blackmagic to take care of...


OS X 10.10.4

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci 12.0.1 has been released today. Sadly, no improvements.

Any idea on what to do when the debugger gets detached by the host? Anyone?

This might probably be something for Blackmagic to take care of...


Ha ha, being in the color grading business for years now and saw the price dropping of DaVinci from 

the most expensive one (350K Euro) down to 700 Euro when BMD took it over.  Don't expect any help from

BMD support because they just have students sitting in a call center telling you to buy the product again if you face

a software problem.

Good luck...


This might probably be something for Blackmagic to take care of...

Yes, of course.

I got in contact with them before I posted here. The support guy quickly realised the magnitude of this issue and forwarded it to the development team. Haven't heard from them yet.

They introduced AU and VST hosting in this new version 12. But it needs some more love from their devs. E.g. it also refuses to open the editor of any (not JUCE based) AU plugin..


Hi Samuel,


Did you get any feedback from their dev team yet? We're received support tickets from DaVinci users as well. I'll contact them myself to make some gentle pressure if you haven't heard something... :)




Hi Stian,

I didn't get any feedback yet.
Gentle pressure it shall be.. :)

Thank you!


Thanks, Samuel. I've contacted their support as well... :)




Hi guys, bringing this thread back to life as I am currently still not able to attach a debugger to DaVinci Resolve / Fairlight.

The reason I need to do this however is because there seems to be a bug on DaVinci’s side with hosting surround VST3 plug-ins (verified on Mac and Windows). This can be seen using the JUCE Surround Demo Plug-in and placing a multi-channel wav on any track format higher than 5.1. On a 9.1.6 track, for instance, the 1st channel of the wav file is metered on the 13th channel (Left Wide) of the JUCE Surround Demo. There is certainly no surround format that starts with Left Wide. Also, their “adaptive” tracks only allocate a stereo bus for plug-ins. The AU version, however, works well and as expected.

So, just wondering if anyone is supporting and able to debug surround VST3’s on DaVinci? Also looking for some reassurance that this is most likely a DaVinci bug?