New stuff

Morning jucettes, just wanted you to know that I’ve released version 1.15.

Also up there is the new audio plugin code, so please let me know how you get on. If anyone has other hosts they could try it in, that’d be handy too - I’ve tested in nuendo on mac/pc, bidule on mac/pc, tracktion (obviously) and cubase on PC (couldn’t find a mac version), but there’s so many others out there…

All the juce changelists are on the front page of my website now. Have fun.

brilliant :slight_smile: cheers

Awesome. I tested it in VST hosts Renoise 1.5 and Sonar 4, both running under XP.

In brief: works, but with some issues.


  • Loading the plugin while the audio engine is running causes Renoise to crash. The plugin updates timecode very quickly (apparently because Renoise is sending a LOT of timecode info?), not leaving time for Renoise to update its UI, and apparently it’s a queue overflow somewhere. As a quick-hack to test this theory, I modified DemoJuceFilter.cpp to only sendChangeMessage once for every 50 distinct getCurrentPositionInfo calls, and it works nicely now.

  • Plugin loads.

  • Audio processing works as expected.

  • Automation works.

  • Resizing the plugin window works.

  • Closing the plugin window causes a brief full-screen flash, then it disappears.

  • Timecode and midiclock information appear to be correct.

  • Tempo is approximately correct (reports 220.18 when Renoise is set at 220bpm, 81.02 for 81bpm, etc.).

  • Meter appears to be always fixed at 4/4 (I’m pretty sure Renoise isn’t sending meter information as it’s not really part of its vocabulary).

Sonar 4:

  • Plugin loads (via the VST-DX wrapper).
  • Audio processing works as expected.
  • Automation works.
  • Resizing doesn’t work — the act of resizing is erratic (the juce drawable resizes, but the containing sonar-vst-wrapper window frame doesn’t track it properly). Enlarging the plugin causes the resize-handle to disappear (I assume it’s drawn offscreen, but hidden behind the too-small sonar-vst-wrapper window frame).
  • Timecode is wrong: it indicates how long the Sonar audio engine has been running, not timecode within the project file. It stops when the engine stops, and resumes where it left off when the engine is restarted.
  • Midiclock is 1|1|0 and never changes.
  • Tempo is 120.00 and never changes.
  • Meter is 4/4 and never changes.

That’s great - I didn’t have either of those hosts to try. I’m downloading the sonar demo now, so will be able to have a go of the resizing.

The really worrying thing there is the sonar timecode not being the position within the edit! How can they get away with sending a completely different piece of information to what all the other hosts do?? Oh well, I’ll investigate later.

Re: odd things in renoise - the tempo is passed directly to the plugin as a double value, so it must be the host that’s losing accuracy there (probably storing it internally as an integer or float)

The crash when it’s running is nasty, renoise won’t be sending any more timecode than other hosts, unless it’s using much shorter processing blocks, but even so it shouldn’t crash. I guess I’d better get renoise too…

Ok, I’ve just been clearing up the renoise problems - that all seems ok, the host was just getting itself into a recursive loop calling the idle() methods. Should work fine now without having to limit the amount of repainting that the plugin does.

And I’ve finally got sonar to run on my PC, but am confused about the dx-to-vst converter - I don’t seem to have one, although the help files tell you to use it… anyone know whether this is just because the converter’s not included in the sonar demo?

yeah that’s right jules. i downloaded the demo too, but read the page just as the download finished- it’s listed in the features missing from the demo. i never bothered to install it.

i did install the sonar demo just over a year ago tho, and played with it for a while. almost bought it, then tried the Tracktion demo. the rest is history! :slight_smile:

oh well, I can’t test it then.

But I’m not too bothered, because I’m pretty sure I’ve got a fix for the resizing problem that smokris mentioned above (there was a silly typo in the wrapper code). And if the dx-vst wrapper passes nonsense through to the plugin as timecode, then there’s nothing I could do to fix that anyway.

I just want to try out a couple more hosts, then will post a new version with all the tweaks in it.

I think JUCE 1.15 i ace.

I found very stable new VST Wrapper. I’ve tested my plug on AudioMulch and energyXT.

Looks groovy!