Any experience with Juce Plugins in SSL Soudnscape?


Hi all:

I just got a report that my plugin crashes in SSL Soundscape. To be honest, this is the first I have ever heard of this DAW. It looks like it only runs with a proprietary hardware interface.

Anyone have any experience getting Juce plugins to run in Soundscape? Apparently my plugin crashes in the mixer.

My plugin has been tested and works in Live, Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, GarageBand, Reaper, Sonar, EnergyXT2, Fruity Loops Studio, and Digital Performer. So I have no idea why it would crash in this particular DAW.


Sean Costello

P.S. If you want to test my plugin, or just use it, you can get it at


Sorry for bad news, but your plugin crashes in PT 8.0.3 osx just like mine…


Yeah, I’m getting some crash reports. I’m going to use the JuceDemoPlugin to try and track down the causes.

My question for you: Does the JuceDemoPlugin crash PT 8.0.3?


Sean Costello


Sorry, I’m windows developer, so xcode for me is not a sweet home =) I mean that I haven’t tried demo plugin out because currently have no time to build it, and setting up the xcode project takes a lot of time for me =(


Understood. I’ll compile the OSX demo plugin, and post a link to it from my website.




Compiled versions of JuceDemoPlugin available for download at:

VST and AU tested and working in Live 8, and RTAS working in Pro Tools LE 8.0.1.

Hopefully this comes in handy.

Sean Costello


I found workarownd to eliminate the crash,


Tried juce demo plugin.
It could be crashed by fast repeating mouse clicks on the mixer insert.
So I think simplier UI -> harder to crash.
My UI consist mostly of bitmaps, and JUCE bitmap drawing under osx is very slow (comparing to teh same code on windows and comparable computer)