Ok, 1.6 is up there now if you want to have a go.

Some people are going to moan and cry and say I’ve made the audio streaming harder, but in the long run you’ll thank me for it.

Also a new version of the plugin wrapper code, so let me know how you get on with that. I’ve fixed the stuff ModulR mentioned and tested it under Cubase a bit (on PC only).

No moaning here! my first VST works using 1.6 and the new AudioSource objects for playing WAV files…It is much better now than it was in 1.5

Only problem I have is that if I disable (within Tracktion) my VST when it is playing, it takes a while, while disabling it when its not playing it is very fast. Probably my fault, will check it out

Do you think the juce_CreateFilter.h will go away for something better that will allow me to do another VST now withot changing the juce audio plugin sources?

Another thing. Cubase SE (SX 1.06) just existed quietly when I tried to load my VST. If I debug it happens here:

        // very bad karma if this point is reached, as
        // there are bound to be locks and events left in
        // silly states when a thread is killed by force..

Probably my fault somehow but not sure why

It exited cleanly in cubase when I tried it - you need to find out which thread it is that’s being left running. All the internal threads should die gracefully, so maybe you’ve started a thread of your own?

Its much worst, Cubase just disapeared when I try to load my plugin. When I attached the debugger to Cubase I found where is the exception. It not related to the plugin exit (maybe it does but then its after a much bigger disaster)

Sounds like you’re corrupting some memory then.

I have to VSTs, one built all with JUCE and with GUI and one without GUI that uses JUCE but the VST part built with VST SDK.

The one with the GUI causes those problems with Cubase SE 1.06, the one without the GUI is OK. From the debugger I suspect the problem relates to the GUI.

In order to debug it I built the JuceAudioPlugin from the Web site and Cubase does not even see this pluign and does not list it at all.

All those 3 plugins work in Tracktion, energyXT and MiniHost…