Plugin works with MiniHost, but not Cubase

My first Juce-based VST plugin seems to run fine under TobyBear’s MiniHost, but Cubase has problems with it. It loads and is editable inside Cubase but outputs silence. I followed the demo audio app closely, and am not interacting with the UI or such during ProcessBlock. I am not checking accumulateOutput however. Could that be the problem? This is a mid/side decoder so the only sensible way for the thing to work is to replace the output. I’ve attached to the Cubase process with the VS5 debugger, and it gets to process loop and appears to be in the right state to do the right thing. Any known Cubase gotchas, or advice on how to track this problem down?

Yes, you’ll need to check the accumulate flag - it’s important to get that right. Very unlikely that it would be the wrapper that’s not working correctly in this case, much more likely to be your code. I’ve seen plenty of problems with the wrapper’s UI stuff but never with the basic audio streaming.

OK, I purged my ProcessBlock method of all questionable stuff like stack allocated AudioSampleBuffers and properly dealt with the accumulate flag. No dice. Then I do some code cleanup while staring at the code, like eliminating unnecesary locals. Suddenly Cubase is happy. I have no idea what change made the difference.