DDSP tone transfer vst possibility?

Hi there,

I was wondering coming across this google project:

Would it be even possible to have this in some sort of in daw/vst version?
Cause i would love to use this inside my daw so i can more easily transfer sounds instead of having to go to their website, upload, see the result etc.

Is this anything somebody is already working on? and would it even be a good thing?
Cause in my eye’s i can see using these technology’s more closer into a working flow would be an enrichment for everyone involved in music.

Let me know! and sorry if this is the wrong place to ask about this.


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machine learning things are not always realtime algorithms, but even if they aren’t you could just use ARA to implement it i guess

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Hi Jasper,

We’ve (Magenta) actually got a prototype DDSP working in JUCE at the moment, and are just bug squashing before we open source it, hopefully in the next couple months. We’ll let you know on the magenta webpage



I was actually thinking about magenta DDSP last night for some reason and lo and behold. Super excited for this.

Wow that’s great to hear! I can’t wait :slight_smile: