Dealing with file name collisions in binary data

I have a lot of resources that are in different directories, but which follow the same naming scheme. I’m trying to add these as binary data, but even if I add them to different groups they are given the same name with a number appended to the end.

So, I then manually modified the file names in Projucer to add the group name as a prefix, but this apparently changes the actual name of the file on disk instead of just the symbol used for the BinaryData lookup. This means whenever I regenerate the files I’m pointing to, I have to manually re-add them and rename them.

Is there a better way of handling path names with BinaryData in JUCE that I’m not seeing? I can change the tools I use to generate the data with a bit of effort, it just seems like there is probably a better way to handle grouping of files in JUCE/Projucer that I’m just missing. Ideally it would be nice to have the files in namespaces matching the Group in Projucer, e.g. BinaryData::MyGroup::my_file_ext

Thanks for any pointers!