Files & Asset Management Best Practices

Hi, I’m building a crossplatform mobile app and I’m not quite sure how my audio assets library should be managed
It appears the best way is to add them to the projucer and use the BinaryData class, which is great, but I have a lot of files and I’m afraid it will become a big mess very quickly.
Keeping the folder hierarchy structure would be great, so I wanted to add them as resources with path, the folder structure is not kept so I’m running into the same organizational problem
I realise this is probably a super basic question but I can’t seem to find a clear answer
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Have you read this thread?

It seems that you are looking for something similar. Unfortunately Projucer doesn’t support that yet, but I guess it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

No I hadn’t seen this thread, thanks for pointing it out!
So I guess I need a very consistent naming scheme
I’m curious to know how people handle this, feel free to share! :slight_smile: