DEB Packages

Hey there,

I’m falkTX, the author of KXStudio (, and I maintain a set of repositories for Ubuntu.

I love JUCE and I think it has lots of potential in Linux, so I created some basic DEB packages to ease to installation for new users.
The packages are build with VSTSDK2.4 enabled on a Lucid Lynx (10.04) clean chroot.

You can get the packages here:

If you want the complete documentation too, install this one:

The packages built are:

  • libjuce1
    The shared library of JUCE (release and debug)
  • libjuce-dev
    The static library of JUCE, plus all the stuff needed to compile (ie, the complete code…)
  • juce-demos
    Demo applications provided in the JUCE base code (audio_plugin_demo, juce_demo, juce_hello_world, and the demo VST plugin)
  • juce-tools
    Tools used for developing JUCE apps (amalgamator, binarybuilder, jucer [old], Jucer [new])


  • Demos and Tools were built against the shared library, to make them smaller (shared: 100kb vs static/amalgamated: 6Mb)
  • The audio_plugin_host crashes on start in 64bit systems

let me know if you find this useful!

Cool stuff! Thanks!