Someone please show me... and I'll give you all

Okay, after my excitement for MojoPac has proven a little fizzled out, I’ve experienced the confirmed joy of Moka5 - VirtualPC with the possibility of running straight from a USB drive.

I’ve got one working for myself with windows and VC++e, all primed for juce coding, but of course I can’t share that.

So, the next step is to do an Ubuntu one, primed for Juce coding right away, and then have it shared on the Moka5 library so anyone can get it - literally Instant Juce Coding Access.

The only problem is I never successfully got Juce to compile on ubuntu when I tried it out. Would anyone be able to outline the essential packages that need to be downloaded and what have you to get Juce to build with Code::Blocks on ubuntu? If I can get that done, I can upload it to the public Moka5 LivePC library, and then anyone can have an instantly available Juce coding environment (with no configuration needed). The fact that it’s linux based doesn’t matter for learning/playing with Juce, so long as you’re not doing platform specific stuff, so it should be ‘well useful’.

we can make a stripped down gentoo install with only the tools needed… why use a full bloated ubuntu to do that ? you will end have a virtual machine wasting 600/700mb or so, while a minimal gentoo installation will take only 200/300mb (and so we can try to fit it even on a 512mb key).

You may try Puppy Linux
plus a developer add-in for it. :wink:

i don’t know which package manager uses puppy linux actually, and it would be very time wasting to build everything MANUALLY from sources (or worse using rpms that install things in the wrong place)…
if you are a developer, you sure know the power of sources…
emerge rules them all (without getting your hair more grey than they are actually) :slight_smile:

ah, sorry haydxn from thrashing your topic but here are the dependancies (source based):


these are taken directly from the gentoo proaudio overlay…
you can easily find the bubuntu counterparts…

Here’s what you need on debian etch which should be exactly the same as ubuntu in this regard. This command will download and install it for you.

apt-get install libasound2-dev libfreetype6-dev libx11-dev libxau-dev libxdmcp-dev libxext-dev libxinerama-dev x11proto-core-dev x11proto-input-dev x11proto-kb-dev x11proto-xext-dev x11proto-xinerama-dev xtrans-dev zlib1g-dev

Those are the dev packets, IE source files, mostly headers, required for building against these libs. You do need the libs themselvs too, but I think they will all be there by default on ubuntu. On debian I only needed to install ALSA and X11 like I normally do and then everything ran smoothly.

Oh! I should mention that I don’t do openGL at all, so those libs are not accounted for here.

You will also want to download and build premake, since that’s what juce uses, and it’s a convenient tool that saves you from having to maintain makefiles.

I’m all for using a smaller linux than Ubuntu - ubuntu’s just the only one i’ve ever tried. I guess the overall userfriendliness isn’t too important - as long as there’s an icon for Code::Blocks and it works!

What I want to do is just make a nice easy-to-grab, ready-made system. Just launch it and BAM you can start coding with Juce.

Of course, if anyone else more experienced in getting a Linux setup working with Juce wants to do it, that’s fine! I’m rammed busy lately, but I’ll give it a shot in my spare minutes.

What if I give you a LivePC that has code blocks in it, and you add juce and set it up how you want it to look…you know put in a sample project, docs, etc?

You can get a CodeBlocks C++ Developer Environment as a moka5 LivePC.

Have fun. :smiley: