Ubuntu no Exporter :(

Hello I am a newby i try since a week to get along with JUCE. Please Excuse me if i ask a question that had been multiply answered, but i could not find it during my searches.

I cant choose an exporter. :frowning:
I donwload the newest Version of Juce and Codeblocks but nothing. I tried to find a path in the settings that i can adjust but could find it.
I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

If I get you right, you’re trying to open the Code::Blocks project generated by the exporter (that you obviously created according to the screenshot) throug the button beneat „selected exporter“?

This works only for Windows and Mac OS. On linux, just look into the „Builds“ folder in your Projucer-generated project folder and you’ll find your Code::Blocks project there, from where you can open it manually in the IDE

thank you i found it :slight_smile:

but now i dont undersand. The compiler says that he cant find gtk/gtk.h
but the file is there.

Are you sure you’ve installed all of the dependencies?

Especially you need the -dev packets - a small but important fact I didn’t get when starting on Linux back then :wink:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: everything is working fine .
I am totally happy :slight_smile:

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