Exporter menu disabled


Trying to run the first tutorial in Ubuntu with Code::Blocks intalled, the file> Open IDE and file > Save project and… are greyed out. In my config tab, I have however Code::Blocks exporter set correctly.

Any idea?
Thank you

We don’t support launching an external IDE in Linux - there’s just too much variation in the various Linux distros to have this work reliably.

Just open the generated Code::Blocks project file manually. When you save in the Projucer the project will be updated.

Thanks Tom
But doing so, the compiler is looking for a alsa/asoundlib.h file that I din’t have.

Have a look at this thread: List of Juce dependencies under linux

Ok Thanks

I still have a GL/gl.h issue. I tried with sudo apt-get install libgl-dev but didn’t fix it.
Do we have the same issues if we use Visual Studio in Windows - I mean install all dependencies manually?

With Visual Studio on Windows, Juce uses the headers and libraries installed with Visual Studio and the Windows SDK.

Thanks Xenakios, I’ll give it a try!