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Have just installed Juce and  Codeblocks, and have created a plugin project in the Projucer, but the "Open in IDE..." button is greyed out/inactive. Should it be, and if not, how can I launch my project in Codeblocks?

Many thanks



Just a sanity check... is there an export target for Code::Blocks?

In your project in Projucer, go to the Config tab, and the targets are listed in the tree,

If Code::Blocks is not there, right-click the Project and "Create a New Export Target" and select Code::Blocks (Windows or Linux)


I actually don't think it has a built-in method to launch Code::Blocks, you'd need to load the project file manually in Code::Blocks


Yes, there is an export target listed in the config tab  -  Code::Blocks(Windows) ...


OK jules, I will give that a try, I just expected it to be possible as there is a target for Code::Blocks(Windows or Linux) in the config tab.

(or maybe I'll get Visual Studio !)




Visual Studio is so much better. Unless there's actually a reason why you can't use it, it'd be silly not to.


dowloading and installing now smiley


Erm, "Running" an .dll project in any IDE... You'l need to open a host which uses the .dll plugin... you'll need to configur that manually, I'd imagine