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Have just installed Juce and  Codeblocks, and have created a plugin project in the Projucer, but the "Open in IDE..." button is greyed out/inactive. Should it be, and if not, how can I launch my project in Codeblocks?

Many thanks


Just a sanity check... is there an export target for Code::Blocks?

In your project in Projucer, go to the Config tab, and the targets are listed in the tree,

If Code::Blocks is not there, right-click the Project and "Create a New Export Target" and select Code::Blocks (Windows or Linux)

I actually don't think it has a built-in method to launch Code::Blocks, you'd need to load the project file manually in Code::Blocks

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Yes, there is an export target listed in the config tab  -  Code::Blocks(Windows) ...

OK jules, I will give that a try, I just expected it to be possible as there is a target for Code::Blocks(Windows or Linux) in the config tab.

(or maybe I'll get Visual Studio !)



Visual Studio is so much better. Unless there's actually a reason why you can't use it, it'd be silly not to.

dowloading and installing now smiley

Erm, "Running" an .dll project in any IDE... You'l need to open a host which uses the .dll plugin... you'll need to configur that manually, I'd imagine


Visual studio is bloated and takes too long to load. Give me one reason to use it.

Because it is an excellent tool set. I don’t know where your perceptions arise from, but my initial guess is either you have a machine with a low power cpu, and/or low amounts of ram. When you say bloated, are you saying that it requires too many resources for what it does? And, if so, how does that impact your workflow?

It’s pretty much the industry standard for writing C++ on Windows. I have used it in every job where we write for Windows, just as I use Xcode for doing OSX work.

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Just timed it…Visual Studio 2017 takes 3 seconds to load on my machine…a five year old laptop.

Visual Studio does many things, and does most of them very well. So, it is worth giving it a try.

Hi, i’ve got the same problem(inactive IDE button). Using Ubuntu. Export target LinuxMakefile is set.

Hi @dunash. LinuxMakefiles are IDE agnostic. That is why you don’t get an option to open in IDE.

So how can i solve this. Im using Clion

You don’t really need to solve it. Just use Save Project from the File menu, and then open your project in CLion…


I’ve tried this and it’s not the same as from Projucer(the main thing i had to add run configuration by myself and for me as for begginer it’s not an obvious operation). Anyway i’ve solved this problem. I’ve installed CLion snap from command line with
sudo snap install clion --classic
Then in Projucer:
File - Global Search Pahs - CLion - CLion startup script : /snap/clion/current/bin/
Also i’ve had to add flags in Projucer:
Exporters - Linux Makefile - Extra Linker Flags : -lpng16 -lz -ljpeg -lFLAC -logg -lvorbis -lvorbisenc -lvorbisfile
After that i could compile and run the project

This usually means that you got JUCE from the Debian packages using apt install juce-modules-source and apt install juce-tools. This is not the recommended way of getting JUCE and might result in weird issues. These packages are not maintained by the JUCE team.

You should prefer getting JUCE by downloading it from JUCE or by cloning its Git repository from GitHub - juce-framework/JUCE: JUCE is an open-source cross-platform C++ application framework for desktop and mobile applications, including VST, VST3, AU, AUv3, RTAS and AAX audio plug-ins..

Maybe, but it’s not my case. I’ve download JUCE on official site

Then you shouldn’t need any of these Extra Linker Flags, since JUCE contains a copy of:

  • libpng in modules/juce_graphics/image_formats/pnglib/
  • zlib in modules/juce_core/zip/zlib/
  • libjpeg in modules/juce_graphics/image_formats/jpglib/
  • libFLAC in modules/juce_audio_formats/codecs/flac/
  • Ogg-Vorbis in modules/juce_audio_formats/codecs/oggvorbis/

There’s no problem with doing a full resave in the Projucer (using ctrl/command+P) and then opening the generated CMakeLists.txt in the CLion exporter, I’ve been working like that for a while and that’s how I would recommend a beginner to do it.

(In CLion of you already have the project open, it would update automatically too).