Juce and IDEs under Linux

Hi all,
I’m a Juce newbie. It’s a couple of months that I’m working with this library in my spare time. Since now I’ve used vim to write my code, but now that my projects are growing up I need an IDE.
It seems that the Jucer doesn’t generate project for CodeBlocks, CodeLite or Eclipse and I would like to use one of these IDEs.

So my question is: what I have to do to import correctly inside one of those IDEs a Linux project (the Makefile) generated with the Jucer under Linux?
What do Juce’s users using Linux are used to do?
Also, have you any IDE to suggest me to use? I don’t care too much about features… I really want just a fast and easy way to start using Juce inside an IDE.

thanks in advance

I use codeblocks on linux Ubuntu 10.10 or 10.04 and JUCE LIBRARY ver 1.51.

hello world project GUI for code:: block in linux.

need to install the development packages.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try that.

I use CodeBlocks too. The newest IntroJucer makes makefiles. You can set up a CodeBlocks project to use prebuilt makefiles. Adding your source code manually to the project will make it easier to work with, and let you do some project work if you want, but the generated makefiles should do a lot for you.

I seem to recall that there’s a wizard to create a project from a makefile - that would work.