What IDE to use for Juce on Linux?

What IDE are you using for Juce projects on Linux? In particular, I'd be interested in debugging (development is done on OS X). Using gdb from the command line just doesn't cut it (for me) and I'm completely noob to developing on Linux, so no idea where to look for tools that could possibly come close to Xcode on OS X.

Any recommendations?

I personally recommend QtCreator, see https://www.qt.io/ide/

It has the added bonus of being cross-platform.
So once you get used to it you don't need anything else.


Try Code::Blocks. Conveniently, the Introjucer/Projucer can directly export Code::Blocks projects.

Introjucer/Projucer can directly export Code::Blocks projects

That's a valuable point, thanks!

To directly save QtCreator project files I have created an exporter for the Introjucer. Not yet ported to JUCE 4.2, though.

If you want to have a look you can find it here:

I’ve been using CodeLite for the past few years and have found it to be very good. Projects are easy to set up, the integrated debugger is good, and you can use makefiles, and cmake for building your projects. It’s also cross platform.

@falkTX, I’ve often thought about using QTCretor, but was worried about using it for non QT projects? Does it work with standard makefiles or do I have to use qt project files?